Marin Kitagawa Rizu Kyun Wig My Dress Up Darling Bisque Doll – Manmei



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✿ SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! To know more about contact the team.
✿ Brand: Manmei
✿ Lenght: 75 cm.
✿ Heat resistant wig (180º C).
✿ Quality thread!
✿ IMPORTED FROM TAOBAO! Shipping can only be confirmed after the purchase itself, as Taobao does not ship directly to any country except China. The available freight / values will be sent to the customer 1 working week after the order is completed (after the manufacturing date – 15-45 working days).

Check availability before buying!

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Wig, Wig + Ears, Wig + Ears + Teeth, Wig + Teeth


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