About shipping

⚠️Shipping - Read before you buy⚠️

Hello customer Cherio! This page was made to inform you better about how our purchase system works, mainly in the issue of shipping. First of all, NONE of our products include the cost of shipping (and this is written both on all ads on our website and in our RED Terms of Use, so be sure to read!). However, shipping can only be calculated after your order arrives at our warehouse. 

If even with the image you did not understand our purchase system, contact the team for more information.
One of your biggest doubts is about the cost of shipping. As we can only know the exact weight of the package when it reaches our warehouse, what we can demonstrate for you is an estimate of this value. Therefore, below you will find a series of estimated values referring to the quantity of items in the boxes.

For a shipping estimate, please contact us informing which ittems you wanna buy + your country.