No! We only work with custom products. That is, we do not have any products in stock in Brazil.

We do not make any type of product. All of them are imported from cosplay brands that reside in China. We work with several different brands.

No, none of our products include freight charges. To learn more about this subject, click here to be redirected to the session where we explain better how our shipping system and the freight of your order works.

Yes, some of Cherio's partner brands make bespoke clothing. If the brand works, in the announcement of the respective product you will have the tailor-made option available for selection and purchase and also in the description of it.

We make customized quotes with the brands we work with. So, if you can't find the product you are looking for, go to the budget section by clicking here and send us all the required data so that we can do the research for you (name, email, reference photos and what you need for the character, plus more information about him).

In this case, we have two different deadlines to be considered. The first is the cooking period, where the brand will place its order (if it is a clothes, it takes more than a wig, for example). Each brand has its specific term. After making the product, it is sent to our warehouse and after payment for the shipment, the estimated average time for Brazil is 20-90 working days (usually arriving in 30 days). For countries other than Brazil the deadline depends on the shipping option you choose.

No, our store is only online because we do not work with prompt delivery.

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm (GMT -3 Brasília time). On Tuesdays and Thursdays our service is focused only on the quotes received by email.

A: The forms of payment available are: deposit / bank transfer (Banco do Brasil, Nubank, Inter and Caixa), PIX, Picpay, Paypal (installments up to 2x without interest) or installments up to 12x by Wirecard. For customers outside Brazil the only option available is via Paypal.

All types of imports go through the Federal Revenue Service, that is, there is a chance that the package will be taxed. However, we at Cherio have taken precautionary measures to decrease the chance of your package being taxed.

This fee is a charge made by the Post Office in order to provide support services for customs treatment activities and is intended to cover costs with the process of receiving objects in general. It is not a Revenue fee and it is not an additional freight, it is a universal fee charged for all international packages in the amount of R $ 15 and you can make the payment on the “My Imports” website of the Post Office. Cherio has no involvement with this charge.

A: You can send your questions in the "Contact" tab of the website, by clicking here.

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