Microphone accessory prop for Seraphine Cosplay League of Legends LOL – Meow House


Length: 35 cm
Materials: PVC, EVA.


✿ SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED! To know more about contact the team.
✿ Brand: Meow House
✿ Length: 35 cm.
✿ Materials: PVC, EVA.
✿ Props / weapons ARE NOT REFUNDABLE! The product is made especially for the customer. Refunds cannot be made because the prop suppliers make the products exclusively, that is, there may be minimal differences from product to product (they are made by hand). Please do not insist.
✿ When shipping the product, there is a risk of scratches, dents or other problems. It is not a confection problem, but a divergence in shipping that we will not be responsible for. Understand that we cannot control how the package is shipped, only how it is packaged (we pack as safely as possible).
✿ IMPORTED FROM TAOBAO! Shipping can only be confirmed after the purchase itself, as Taobao does not ship directly to any country except China. The available freight / values will be sent to the customer 1 working week after the order is completed (after the manufacturing date – 15-45 working days).

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